Two Aryans – Hitler and Gandhiji

Posted in European History, History, India, politics, Religion by Anuraag Sanghi on December 11, 2007

Gandhiji - after the Dandi Salt March (April 5th, 1930. Click for larger image.).

Gandhiji - after the Dandi Salt March (April 5th, 1930. Click for larger image.).


In 1906-07, a Turkish archaeologist, Theodore Makridi-Bey, started excavations at Hattusas (Boghazkoi), 150-200 km from Ankara, in Cappadocia. He was joined by Hugo Winckler, a German archaeologist, specialising in Assyria. They unearthed more than 10,000 clay tablets which proved to be of tremendous interest.

1921 AD

Boghazkoi clay tablets were decrypted and submitted for peer review. These tablets without dispute made the following things clear – One, the link between the clay tablets and India was clear; two, the date of these tablets was 1800-1900 BC.

Problems For Euro Centric Historians

  1. Indian civilization was dated by colonial historians till then at 1500 BC.
  2. Indus Valley between 1800-2000 BC.
  3. Boghaz Koi challenged these dates.
  4. The newer dates pushed back the Indian Civilisation at least to 3000BC-2500BC. Most possibly even earlier – 3500-3000 BC.

The Indian Quadratic Core

How could the

  1. The Epics – Ramayana and Mahabharata
  2. The four Vedas
  3. The Puranas
  4. The Upanishads

get composed in less than 800 years (between 2500, as speculated and the Boghazkoi date of 1800 BC). If the quadratic core of the Indian civilization, was composed in a more realistic time frame of 1000-1500 years, then it pushes the date of the Indian civilization to 3000 BC.

With these dates, the history of the world will have to be re-written. It will prove that India civilized the world – time and again.

Gandhiji - in a rare photo of etting out of a car. (Photo - livemint.com; click for larger image)

Gandhiji - in a rare photo of getting out of a car. (Photo - livemint.com; click for larger image)

Where was This Happening

The entire Boghazkoi research and artifacts were being researched largely in Germany. Kaiser Wilhelm personally reviewed German archaeology activity. Excavation, discoveries and decryption happened between 1907-1921 – the formative years of Adolph Hitler.

These initial findings excited the German archaeological world – and suppressed in the English speaking media (for obvious colonial benefits). All this emerging data and research pointed to an Aryan centric world history.

Morgenlanders – Not Abenlanders

A writer on this phase of history, Susan Marchand says,

“The Aryan industry, of course, burgeoned. Even the former Kaiser Wilhelm II, in exile, took up the study of the Orient … In a 1928 letter to his friend, the former emperor reported a recent conversation with Oswald Spengler in which Wilhelm had tried his best to convince the herald of Western doom that “we are orientals [Morgenländer], and not westerners [Abendländer].” (Bold letters, italics, ellipsis mine).

What makes Indians optimistic? RK Laxman's cartoon - March 10th, 1954, in Times of India

What makes Indians optimistic? RK Laxman's cartoon - March 10th, 1954, in Times of India.

The allure of the Aryan East (peaceful, non violent, humane societies) in comparison to a blood drenched, murderous Western history created a ‘massacre fatigue.’ What this meant was that people became indifferent to murder on one side (hence the Anglo Saxon genocide of the Native Americans and Australian Aborigines, and Hitler’s final solution could be executed) and anxious on the other. The anxious have low optimism scores – and the disillusioned turned East.

Enter Hitler

Hitler decided to usurp this alluring ‘Aryan’ history – being decrypted in Germany, by these archaeologists. The Egypt-Greece-Rome-Europe axis dismissed these new archaeologists as pan Babylonists – which made this ‘Aryan’ history more alluring. In November 8th 1923 came the Beer Hall Putsch. Hitler was imprisoned and over the next 2 years came the Mein Kampf. Hitler’s prejudices were a mix of: –

  1. European xenophobia (consider the anti Semitism (1000-1850), the Roma-Gypsy genocide (1500-2000), and African Slavery.
  2. The blood drenched history of intolerance, (the extinction of the Provence culture, Albigensian Crusade of 1200-1300), The Hussite Wars(1419-36), the Spanish Inquisition(1275-1500).
  3. A new ingredient – the German research into the pre-Egyptian history of the Aryan Babylon at Boghazkoi and the Amarna letters and the Elamites in Persia.

Europeans for long, considered themselves as a branch of the Indo-European Aryans. Faced with this new evidence of Aryan dominance of modern civilisation, Hitler succumbed to the temptation of calling himself an Aryan.

Subsequent research was frozen – in the mayhem of subsequent WiemarRepublic – which lost all interest in archaeology. Hitler’s Euro-centric military agenda overwhelmed further research and development. Post WW2 world has thrown up yet another set of equations.

Net nett – very little progress till recently.Poster for Birth Of A Nation

Pre Hitler ‘Aryans’

Hitler was not the first (or even the last) to try and usurp Aryan legacy. Aryan history of languages, culture, spread of civilisation, its science and technology appealed to many in the West – and especially White Supremists.

One hilarious example of this kind Charles Morris (writer of The Aryan Race: Its Origins And Its Achievements By Charles Morris.). If this book was not a best seller, as ‘history’, it would surely have been best seller as a comedy. Another book – based on the Aryan Invasion Theory, was Lectures of the Arya By Albert Pike.

A set of books written by L. Austine Waddell – again had a single point agenda of usurping Aryan achievements and culture. Wadell declared, “the Aryan Race — now chiefly represented in purest form in North-western Europe.”

Another instance of this is the 1915 film, DW Griffith’s ‘Birth Of A Nation.’ One of the first big hits from Hollywood, this film on the ‘Knights of the Ku Klux Klan’ enjoys cult status. D.W. Griffith’s film The Birth of a Nation was based on a book by Thomas Dixon, Jr. titled The Clansman – An Historic Romance of the Ku Klux Klan – written in 1905. Dixon thought (from the book preface) that the rise of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) was the “most dramatic chapters in the history of the Aryan race.” Later, this peice of racism was replaced by another phrase – “Carpetbaggers’ political folly” in the film.

Richard Butler - White 'Aryan'

In the climactic scene, these KKK knights ride to the rescue of the the whites, Whites from North and South, to the blaring sounds of Wagner’s `Ride of the Valkyries.’ Yes, the same music that was Hitler’s favorite. The common enemy of the united ‘Aryan Whites’ is the liberated black soldier. The original screen title gives the viewer the message: “The former enemies of North and South are united again in common defense of their Aryan birthright.”

Remember, this was while Hitler was a poor corporal in the army during WW1 – and the Nazi party was yet get its milk teeth.

Thomas Huxley in “The Aryan Question,” published in the Nineteenth Century Magazine, 1890, page 766:—

“There was, and is, an Aryan Race, that is to say, the characteristic modes of speech, termed Aryan, were developed among the Blond Longheads alone, however much some of them may have been modified by the importation of non‑Aryan elements.”

After, WW2, it has become politically incorrect for any White to call themselves as Aryan – but that has not stopped White Supremacists. There are many White Supremist gangs in the USA, that call themselves Aryan.

Indian Realists

On the opposite of the world, the actual Aryans were being recast – in the furnace of a colonial world. Many at that time, did not consider the possibility that India would become. MN Roy (founder of Indian Communism), Homi Mody (industrialist) represented realism of the time. Earlier allegations against MN Roy, Homi Mody, of being British colonial lackeys can now safely referred to as misplaced realism. At that time in history, it seemed pragmatic to support the Raj.

After all, how could a frail, short man with little money, no army, overcome the greatest empire that the world had known – the British Empire.

The Real Aryans

Europeans (of all kinds) have been trying for long to claim the Aryan legacy as theirs. 2 years ago, genetic sampling across India did not throw up any DNA markers common to the supposed invaders. This completely disproved the Aryan invasion /migration theory. It is now clear Aryan were home grown Indians.

Hitler just did not have it in him – to be an Aryan. The real, pure Aryan was Gandhiji.

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  1. sana said, on February 1, 2008 at 10:09 am

    Actully if u check properlly thn u find that gandhiji followed what prophet mohmmed(p.b.u.h) did in his life for building trust in him and according to me gandhiji was very selfish he did all this only to take revenge from britesh who kick him out of train …….

  2. Anuraag Sanghi said, on February 1, 2008 at 1:16 pm

    Sana – Hi!

    Yes. You are right on the train incident in Gandhiji’s life. The train experience was a turning point in Gandhiji’s life.

    Yes, again. He was “selfish” – he believed in self respect, he had self confidence, he built his self-identity, he worked for his self beliefs, he worked for his people – regardless of their religion, race and colour. He was also very concerned about humanity – to which he belonged.

    Generally speaking, while Gandhiji was a staunch Hindu, he respected other religions. He was pained by inter-religious disputes – and worked hard to end inter-religious strife. Very generally speaking, I am sure that he used methods and ideas from various successful people before him.

    However, specifically and historically speaking, he (and others) have not mentioned that Prophet Mohammad was a formative influence on him. In my view, the similarities, if any, are co-incidental.

  3. arun said, on February 25, 2009 at 8:31 am

    hi -sana n’ anurag
    i think u didn’t read history throughly.the” ravenge theory” u hav made,is rediclus.

  4. Sanju said, on July 7, 2009 at 12:32 am

    no doubt Gandhi was selfish,that’s why he left freedom fighters on there on and called them terrorists,who were hang to death,i am talking about Bhagat Singh the true Aryan.

    • samadhyayi said, on September 23, 2010 at 3:52 pm

      dont be hasty. actually there are a lot of freedom fighters who did a lot more for india than bhagat singh. why are they not mentioned. bhagat singh is mentioned because it is necesary for khalistan, pakistan , bjp ,rss, communist propoganda.

      dont be so sure that gandhi called bhagat singh a terrorist

      Gandhi speaks in his own philosphical point of view. if he called some one a terrorist. so what. he may be right or rong. but just calling some guy a terrorist isnt going to make gandhi a bad guy. anyway it is more likely that gandhi didnt call him a terrorist. he might have said a thing or two against though.

      if bhagat singh would have been released he would have become a politician.

      bhagat singh was no doubt a great man but we didnt have no shortage of such great men. there were 1000 more bhagat singhs at that time. but we dont know the names of even those who were greater than bhagat singh. one among 1000s . he became famous due to his fast in jail. which is a gandhian thing to do. it wan not likely that he would have done more violent activities after release form jail. because he had become famous . more likely to become politician than a military leader. it was his death actually that proved more useful to independence.because actually these hangings and other decisions were the ones that were turning people from pro-british to anti -british. if he was
      released people would have believed in britain even more than they did before. his death made him a martyr and a source of inspiration for other freedom fighters. if instead of hanging if he would have been released then he too would have joined politics. that was what some freedom fighters who had been arrested for violent activities had done after their release because after their arrest they became famous and it gave them an opportunity to use the fame to do some good in politics. what you kids dont understand is that you think all indians wanted independence and
      somehow gandhi was the only one against it. actually more indians wanted to be under british thats why it took us so long to get independence not because of gandhi’s selfishness.

      bhagat singh was not the only young man who got killed for freedom.

      i am sorry but it is really sick that people just talk about bhagat singh as if he was the only one who was fighting the british. it is really disgusting to see kalistani websites claim that they were the only freedom fighters and we were just sitting lazily or cowardly. while they won us our freedom and their poster boy is bhagat singh. you dont know this but sikhs proudly call themselves the partners of british. the british empire would not have been possible without sikhs some khalistani websites claim. they want to remind the british that they can trust sikhs with their
      dirty jobs. like guarding the queen of england. wherever the british went there the sikhs went with their guru granth sahibs. apparently they were still protecting the innocents in those military campaigns.you dont even know the names of some really big freedom fighters and you think you know everything about

      indian freedom struggle.

      it is a pity that we dont know the names of some really big freedom fighters. the only names we remember are the ones that are necessary for the propoganda of certain groups. there were about 100 more freedom fighters who did more sacrifice for india than bhagat singh but we dont even know their names forget about talking or discussing them.. guess why? we only talk about bhagat singh because so that we can advance our sick khalistani, pakistani, agendas.
      it is apity when the sikhs helped the british even harass the peaceful tibetans they think that they are protecting the innocents. guru nanak put forward a religion to get rid of superficialities like rituals, etc. but the sikhs have become more superficial than any other religion on earth. what with the superficial rules like beard, turban, . it is a big time

      irony. yah ofcourse you disagree .
      p.s. dont give me that bulshit that there are more sikh soldiers in indian army.
      there were even more sikh soldiers in british army. almost the double than now. and they were involved in many unjust campaigns of the british. the one in tibet is one that i am sure of. the other ones i dont know everything .

  5. Anuraag Sanghi said, on July 7, 2009 at 4:35 pm

    Sanju – Any discussions about Gandhiji and Bhagat Singh is futile.

    Bhagat Singh’s ‘dharmayudh’ against the British Raj needed no certification from Gandhiji.

    Gandhiji’s handling of Bhagat Singh’s ‘dharmayudh’ reduced Gandhiji – and not Bhagat Singh.

  6. aryan... said, on January 18, 2010 at 11:32 am

    Gandhi….. Traitor of India.

  7. Shaleen Mathur said, on June 3, 2010 at 6:54 pm

    Central to being an Aryan is to never forget friends & foes. Give your ultimate sacrifice for your friend & chase your enemy round the earth till you extract revenge by whatever means.

  8. Anuraag Sanghi said, on June 4, 2010 at 6:24 am

    Shaleen – Interesting idea!

    What kind of evidence, reference can you offer to support your assertion?

  9. Akshay said, on September 21, 2010 at 11:01 pm

    I sometimes wonder if we would have been better off as a people if we had not had a Gandhi and had fought a bloody battle for our freedom. I am American born and say this from the perspective of my upbringing that in the law of nature until you sacrifice blood for your freedom you will not appreciate it. My maternal grandfather marched with Gandhiji and I am aware of all the sacrifices but I still feel that the Thomas Jefferson perspective on human natures and struggle for freedom is true. A little blood must be spilled every few generations for the humans race to truly appreciate freedom.


    I will not discuss the issue of Aryan heritage with anyone that has not read the Mahabharat, and the Ramayan, I have. I was born in the US in 1968 and served in the US navy.

    • Anuraag Sanghi said, on September 22, 2010 at 8:18 am

      Official history, strangely, does not tell us that between 1800-1947, apart from the Anglo-Indian War of 1857, there were more than 75 battles, skirmishes, revolts, mutinies, involving thousands, up to lakhs of Indians, across India.

      And more than double that many conspiracies, hold-ups, explosions, bombings, which were not organized. These more than 200 violent actions have been completely glossed over by post-colonial India’s historians. Obviously, more than 200 incidents of violent opposition to British misrule over 150 years (1800-1947) deserves better treatment by official historians. Especially, the people who fought most of these battles.

      Thomas Jefferson, freedom and liberty somehow does not mix. Jeffersonian liberty was based on narrow, bigoted and racial factors. Hence, any linkage between Jefferson, freedom and liberty are purely in the realm of propaganda – and not reality or history.

      I am a little lost between

      “we would have been better off as a people … I was born in the US in 1968 and served in the US navy.”

      Are you an Indian or an American.

    • samadhyayi said, on September 25, 2010 at 9:15 am

      people are so lazy even with internet.
      dont even make a small attempt to get a perspective of the indian freedom struggle. and making stupid comments like we should have been violent.
      actually we were violent during the first world war and second world war saving britain and frances’ asses.
      the game was not a game of force but a game of brains. we were many times the number of britain but why we didnt rise against them because we were brainwashed. and we didnt get out of that brainwashing . you are the best proof of that.

  10. samadhyayi said, on September 25, 2010 at 9:18 am

    that above comment was meant for that american navy guy. man how thick you have to be to fight for americans. and leave india. such disgusting people.

  11. admin said, on October 2, 2011 at 8:35 am

  12. Anuraag Sanghi said, on October 2, 2011 at 8:39 am

    Priya Sareen – Euro-Aryan theory was really boosted by two Germans – Friedrich Schlegel (1908); Max Duncker – 1840-70.

    Another German in England, Max Muller – 1860-70 was contracted by East India Company to use this theory to discredit Indian scriptures.

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