British Empire & The Anglo Saxon Bloc

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The great problem of the near future will be American imperialism, even more than British imperialism. Or, it may be, and all indications point to it, that the two will join together to create a powerful Anglo-Saxon bloc to dominate the world. Jawaharlal Nehru @ Congress of Oppressed Nationalities, Brussels, 1927

The Story Of Great Britain

How did Britain transit from a backward nation in 16th century, to a pre-eminent position in the 20th century?

Two short steps – slavery and colonialism.

The Anglo-Saxon Bloc captured, imported, used and killed an estimated 30-40 million slaves. Even with the latest technology, manpower costs are between 20%-50% of agricultural and industrial goods. By using slave labour, Britain and the Anglo-Saxon Bloc earned super-normal profits – by eliminating the cost of labour.

Apart from the momentous slave revolts of Haiti and Cuba, about 200 slave uprising and revolts in the USA before the Civil War, cleared the way for end to slavery in the Americas. Similarly, more than 20 slave uprisings in the Caribbean, made slavery impractical – and not the Anglo-Saxon concern for human rights or the oozing milk of human kindness.

It was this determined struggle for overthrow of slavery, the more than 20 slave rebellions between 1789-1833, in the Caribbean – one every 2 years, that ‘persuaded’ the West to abolish slavery. The British search and seizure of colonies enriched them – at the cost of the native populations. A significant benefit of the English language to the Anglo-Saxon Bloc is the convenient white wash of history in English language media – and tarring of competitive economies and nations.


A continent 4 times the size of India – with a population (2.1 cr) slightly bigger than Mumbai. Australia remains one of the largest producers of gold in the world for the last 150 years. This gold exploitation from Australia partly funded British imperialism and colonialism. Like Native Americans in America, and Romani Gypsies, local aborigines, were wiped out from Australia.

By excluding non-whites, they have ensured that this super-concentration of resources wealth and prosperity continues. By token inclusion of Asians, the British-Australian Governments cover their racist economic policies. The co-opted Asians at the social periphery also help the continuation and the justification of Australian policies.


Slightly smaller (errata – actually, slightly larger) than Australia, and with a population of 3.2 crores, (equal to Mumbai and New Delhi and three times the size of India. Another major producer of gold and silver. Similar wipe-out of native population as in US of America and Australia and enrichment by exploitation of natural resources. Canada was used by the British during WWII for safe keeping of British gold.


Another huge landmass but with a better territory to population ratio. A British Colony for close to a 150 years, the gold loot from the Native Americans and new mine discoveries in USA enabled the rise of the British power. Tactics learnt from Europeans, similar to the persecution of Romani Gypsies, Native American ethnic groups were persecuted and terminated, their land acquired and reduced to economic slavery by closing all doors to economic activities. The initial break from European history, with the enunciation of the Monroe Doctrine, by the USA was soon abandoned.

USA by 1890 acquired a taste of colonialism. They ‘bought’ Philippines from Spain, even today maintains Puerto Rico as a colony and (continues to) eyes Cuba. The Brussels and Berlin conference carved up – and there were few places left to colonise.

3 Out Of The 5 Largest Countries In The World Are Anglo Saxon

Wealth Acquisition – modus operandi

By a simple modus operandi of sale of natural resources,Britain (and now Australia, Canada and USA enriched themselves. These few countries: –

  1. Consume disproportionate amounts of natural resources. USA Australia and Canada are amongst the largest per-capita consumers and (also) producers of oil in the world – 60% of the world GDP and Oil. This helps America-Australia-Britain-Canada (ABC) Axis to retain hegemony over large parts of the global economy, politics and trade.
  2. Pollute the world, contribute to global warming – and Indian negotiators are happy with a few token carbon credits.
  3. This Anglo Saxon bloc has 3 of the 4 largest countries of the world; wiped out native populations in these 3 countries, acquired these countries by force, sequester the world’s natural resources and are united by their will to dominate and exploit the rest of humanity.
  4. They control more than 67% of world gold production and more than 80%, if you include Anglo-Saxon companies (like Anglo Gold, Barrick, BHP, Rio Tinto, etc), and the media industry. At the time of the Bretton Woods conference, combined with (colonial) Indian gold reserves, the ABC Bloc virtually had the world economy in a choke.

The Bretton Woods Agreement

In 1944, British-American economists came together and devised the Bretton Woods system – a millstone around the developing world. As WWII came to a close, the world stamped its approval on Bretton Woods Agreement. After WWII, the global financial system has been governed by the Bretton Woods Agreement.

Why? Why did the world believe that only the Anglo-Saxon Bloc could deliver? In 1944, the Anglo-Saxon Bloc (countries, colonies and companies) controlled more than 90% of gold production and reserves. The largest private gold reserve in the world, India was still a British colony. Hence, it was fait accompli.

The Bretton Woods system worked for 20 years because Indians were not allowed to buy gold. During that crucial phase, India’s finance minister, was Morarji Desai, (allegedly on CIA payroll during Lyndon Johnson s Presidency 1963-1968). He presented a record 10 budgets, from February 1958, up to 1967 – with an anti-gold bias.

This system has swamped the world with accelerating inflow of dollars (American, Australian, Canadian) and British pounds. Producers and exporters are left with vast reserves of a depreciating currencies. The Chinese, Japanese, Indian, and other ASEAN countries have lent the USA, US$2 trillion. For the privilege of lending US$2 trillion to the USA, they will lose US$ 300 billion.

This cartoon, published in March of 1899 in Life magazine, shows Uncle Sam, John Bull and Kaiser Wilhelm overweight figures carried on the backs of non-white people, bent over under their weight. Mainly 'inspired' by Rudyard Kipling's poem, "The White Man's Burden" published in 1899, an appeal to the United States to assume the 'burden' of 'developing' the Philippines, recently won in the Spanish-American War.  |  Cartoonist William H. Walker, titled "The White(?) Man's Burden" in Illustration, in Life 33, March 16, 1899.

This cartoon, published in March of 1899 in Life magazine, shows Uncle Sam, John Bull and Kaiser Wilhelm overweight figures carried on the backs of non-white people, bent over under their weight. Mainly ‘inspired’ by Rudyard Kipling’s poem, “The White Man’s Burden” published in 1899, an appeal to the United States to assume the ‘burden’ of ‘developing’ the Philippines, recently won in the Spanish-American War. | Cartoonist William H. Walker, titled “The White(?) Man’s Burden” in Illustration, in Life 33, March 16, 1899.

War & Multiple Genocides

A defining feature of these colonial aggressions is that the local populations were considered irrelevant, non-existent or at best a nuisance. The familiar routine was: –

  1. Limited Aggression.
  2. Proposal of submission by the ‘natives’ to the aggressor.
  3. Calibrated increase in aggression (show of force) to force submission.
  4. Enforce submission or genocide.
  5. Slavery

Theodore Roosevelt pithily opined

“peace and the Anglo-Saxon civilization had to be imposed on the barbarian races of the world just as it had been on the Red Man” (Italics mine).

You can substitute the ‘red’ man for the ‘brown’ or the ‘black’ or the ‘yellow’ or ‘white’ for that matter another ‘pink’ man also.

The Use Of Propaganda

It is this (now racist and at other times a religious, social, political) justifications for exploitation, greed, genocide, that the world keeps trying to rebut – and the ABC Axis keep changing.

For instance, the appointment of David Livingstone to prepare ground for colonisation of Africa. An analysis of slave trade comments,

“David Livingstone had called for a worldwide crusade to defeat the slave trade controlled by Arabs in East Africa, that was laying waste the heart of the continent. The only way to liberate Africa, believed Livingstone, was to introduce the ‘three Cs’: commerce, Christianity and civilisation.”(italics, bold letters mine).

The important things to note were – one the trade. Control of all trade and benefits. Second, to attack trading business interests of other racial groups – like Arabs, in this case. This was important. Or the use of Max Mueller to distort, twist Indian history for colonial ends. Most recently, the demonization of Islam is another well-oiled propaganda success story.

The Use Of Corporations

The use of the British East India Company was an eye opener for the rest of the West. After Vasco da Gama’s discovery of trade route to India(for Europeans) round Africa, the British were the first of the block – with the English East India Company formed in the 1600. The Dutch started soon after with the Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie (Dutch East India Co.) in 1602. The Danish Opperhoved initially started in 1616 and was reborn in 1732, as Asiatisk Kompagni.The Portuguese organised themselves as chartered company in 1628. The French came with the French East India Co. in 1664. The Swedes joined the rat race in 1731 with Svenska Ostindiska Companiet. The Italians came in as the Genoa East India companies. The Hanseatic League had its own operations.

In North America, the Hudson Bay Company (Compagnie de la Baie d’Hudson in French) was given a Royal Charter in 1670 by Charles II. It practically owned Canada when the Dominion of Canada was formed – and is the oldest surviving company in North America. It monopoly ended only in 1870 – a few years after the Indian Independence War of 1857.

Anglo American Oil Company (subsidiary of Standard Oil) of Iran plotted the assassination of Iran’s Prime Minister Haj Ali Razmara and the overthrow of the Mohammed Mossadegh regime. Thereafter, it was the puppet regime of Shah Of Iran which terrorized Iran for 30 years that paved the way for return of Ayatollah Khomeini – and Iran’s regression to medieval times.

The Anglo Saxon record

In the last 400 years, they have also been involved in all the major wars that the world has seen. The killing record of this ABC Axis has been unprecedented in the history of the world. The have nurtured many client states – Israel, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia now, which are are at the centre of unrest and global disruptions. With 2 out of 5 security council seats, they can ‘arrange’ another vote for a majority on any resolution – without using veto.

Similarly, they have stacked the deck at World Bank, IMF, UN, OECD, G-8 and others. These organisations follow a simple strategy of co-opting disruptive elements and make these countries into side-shows – and continue with the Anglo-Saxon hegemony.

Sports – As Propaganda & Politics

The propaganda measures by the ABC bloc is unprecedented in human history. Nothing is left – including sports.

An interesting arena for propaganda are Olympics. The Anglo-Saxon Bloc is the largest winner of Olympic medals in most years. The USA and Australian focus on sports has propaganda motives. The repeated Olympic boycotts against Soviet Russia in 1956, 1980 etc. had more to do with fear of losing. A win as a pseudo-military victory is best exemplified by Eisenhower’s involvement in the preparation for the 1956 and 1960 Olympics. Soviets Olympic participation for the first time in 1952 sent shivers down the USA – who did not want to come out second. The Cold War was also carried forward into the sports stadia.

The recent “fixed” cricket match between Australia and India at Sydney, 2nd Jan 2008-6th Jan 2008, is another demonstration. Australia on the verge of breaking their previous world record, “fixed” this match for a win. An improbable 8 umpiring decisions against India(plus an added “implication” on racism against an Indian player?) were “managed” by Australians to keep their “record” intact. The Umpires were all from the ABC Axis and their colonies.

Colin Tatz’s Obstacle Race is a book on racial discrimination in sports in Australia. 220 years after Anglo Saxon settlement in Australia, the Aborigines are still deprived of sporting facilities – in sports crazy nation. After unequal treatment, the ruling Anglo Saxon community uses sports to press home the image of racial superiority.

After India (and Pakistan) dominated hockey for 50 years, the ABC Bloc saw one way out to break this win record. Change the rules. Indians did not see this coming. Using the pretext of making hockey more exciting, the Australians (with some other white countries) modified the game where skills became less important.The rest as they say is history. (Note – On 14th March 2008, India failed to qualify for Olympics Hockey Tournament. Read Joaquim Carvalho’s article on the FIH’s antics during the qualifiers).

Kaiser, Hitler, USSR and The ABC Bloc

WWI was started by the ABC bloc (and USA had no reason to join the war, except to save their Anglo-Saxon brethren) when they supported Balkan separatists who assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand and challenged the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Germany supported the ruling family and the ABC Bloc supported the assassins and separatists – and blamed the Kaiser.

Hitler’s rallying cry before WWII was Lebensraum – living space. The ABC Bloc choked the world economy. They tried recruiting Germany as a client state. This recruitment failed. Result – WWII.

Russia was the similar story. For 10 years, the ABC bloc tried destabilising the emerging Russia and propping the Kerensky faction. The beleaguered USSR closed down and the “iron curtain descended”. What followed was the 70 years of confrontation between the ABC and Eastern Europe – with a brief respite during WWII.

Terminal Decline

More interesting than this flash in history’s pan, is the terminal decline of Britain.

In an equitable world, this pre-eminence for the Anglo-Saxon Bloc is a non-starter. Are they likely to give up this position of pelf, greed, riches and adulation. Not likely. The chorus of demise of the USA are ill-founded and wishful thinking. Military, economic confrontation are unproductive. Gandhiji has some answers.

India’s Role

The alternate world view that has posited against this exploitative model has been the Non-Aligned Bloc pioneered by India – but now abandoned. The Non-Aligned global model needs further development and enabling mechanisms for success of emerging nations. A few successes and the exploitative ABC Axis will collapse.

PS – If all else fails, there is the path of political assassination. A few days ago, from Washington, USA, someone Googled to ask “why Britishers didn’t kill gandhi“. Perhaps, that was one moment in history, when the political leaders of the Anglo-Saxon Bloc were momentarily humanised.

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  2. alan bowd said, on April 24, 2009 at 9:07 pm

    You need to know that Canada is larger than Australia (not slightly smaller as you state on the webpage). If you get simple facts wrong you lose credibility for the rest.

  3. Anuraag Sanghi said, on April 25, 2009 at 7:23 am

    Guess what, Alan! You are right.

    CIA tell me that Australia is 7,617,930 SQ KM and Canada is 9,093,507 SQ KM.

    Poor Inuits! Their loss is bigger than I thought!

  4. Prem said, on August 26, 2009 at 7:28 pm

    Roma Gypsies are MtDNA originating in India…

  5. Incognito said, on December 4, 2009 at 10:59 am

    The opening quote may find explanation here- http://www.voiceofdharma.com/books/gagon/index.htm

  6. zaphod said, on August 15, 2010 at 4:26 am


    Australia is roughly twice the size of India
    For a comprehensive coverage on Map
    mis representations

  7. S.Suchindranath Aiyer said, on May 19, 2012 at 5:00 pm

    British pre eminence: Where our politicians and founding fathers were trained and mentored to establish the inviolate traditons of the Republic: corruption and exploitation of human beings? At the end of the day, face it, so long as the Kohinoor is in London, we can get to see it. If it was returned to India, it would be replaced with paste so that it can vanish into some safe haven proximate to Italy.

  8. mohankumarms said, on April 19, 2013 at 3:31 am

    A nicely written piece. Just illustrates the point: “Behind every great fortune, there is a great crime.”

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