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Posted in Uncategorized by Anuraag Sanghi on September 30, 2008

In the last 10 months

When the 2ndlook blog started, 10 months ago, the beginning was tentative – and I didn’t know where to start with. Too many threads and very little structure.

As the posts started etting written, the 2ndlook blog took a life of its own, and there has been progress. In the first months there were a 200 readers. These days, everyday, nearly 200 readers reach the blog.

Some readers have been kind enough to give suggestions. Based on these suggestions there are now 2 brother blogs – Quicktake and StPTBarnum.

Both these blogs appear in the Blogroll – so you can click and start reading.


As the name suggest is simple, quick snappy look at news, happenings, events, books – which may have an ‘in-built load’. The idea is to decode these in a pithy short manner. For more info and details, 2ndlook blog is the place.

PT Barnum

As you know, the pope has kindly consented to consider PT Barnum for canonization. The papal college is expected to convene soon. The beatification process has started. I have been appointed as the devil’s advocate. So, if any of you know why PT Barnum should not cannonized, please get in touch with me!

I have already received enough information of the miracles that he brought about – and especially in the area of propaganda. It is proposed, that St.PT Barnum be declared as the Patron Saint of Propagandists.

Propaganda practitioners are elated at the prospect of having their own Saint – at long last.

The 2ndlook blog has been good till now – and all of you readers have made that experience a great one.

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