Indian Elite – Such Low-Esteem!

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What is the cure for low self-esteem? Is there a pill? Indian elites need a cure.

Is there a problem, gentlemen?

Is there a problem, gentlemen?

If pills were to cure

What is the cure for low self-esteem? Is there a pill for low self-esteem? Would it be legal and ethical to line up people, based on a certain profile – and ‘force’ them to take this pill?

If there is a nomination facility, I would like to first nominate Sharmila Tagore – the esteemed Chief of the Indian Censor Board. She is a significant contributor to global warming by releasing huge amounts of hot air.

Brutally retarded

My second nomination is Dipankar Gupta, a former professor, JNU – and now Chief Destroyer of Green Cover. Dipankar Gupta consumes huge amounts of paper, used for printing his brutally retarded ideas.

A leering Pran gets an eyeful of Sharmila Tagore in 1967’s An Evening In Paris. Click for image.

A leering Pran gets an eyeful of Sharmila Tagore in 1967’s An Evening In Paris. Click for image.

Back to Sharmila Tagore

Last year I interviewed Sharmila Tagore and asked her whether there would be a time when India could do away with its film censor board?

“Once you guys can accept the way we see a woman with naked legs, then only,” she said. “A foreigner would give a cursory glance and move on. But we notice more. We need to get over that.”

“Now street censorship is more alive,” she added. “Every Tom, Dick and Harry is going to court and fighting over this and that. Indians have to free themselves from their own censorship and their own mindset.” (read more via When ban nurtures freedom, Columnists – Aseem Chhabra – Mumbai Mirror).

Elitist contempt

Why Indians accept such trash is worrisome?

One can imagine the reaction had some White and Western commentator said this! But since a Brown RNI (Resident Non-Indian) is saying this, such misbehavior is accepted.

Sharmila in her swim suit number in Evening in Paris (Image courtesy - outlookindia.com). Click for larger image.

Was this ‘public’ service? Sharmila in her swim suit number in Evening in Paris (Image courtesy – outlookindia.com). Click for larger image.

First, I would look at facts. If Indian men are sexually depraved, frustrated, perverted, how is it that Europe and USA lead the world with the highest availability of prostitutes on per-capita basis. If the West is indeed so emancipated, liberated, how come so many women have to resort to prostitution?

I also wonder, why Sharmila Tagore bothers with us sexually depraved, frustrated, perverted Indians. Why not go and stay in those ‘foreign’ lands, with those ‘foreign’ people who would not look at her naked legs.

We won’t miss you, Sharmila-behen – now or earlier.

Not you … but your money, is what I like …

Now, assume, that Sharmila Tagore is right!

How can Sharmila Tagore explain her naked legs, swimsuits in An Evening in Paris. How could she feed this appetite of perversity and depravity. Going by her own definition, is she not ashamed of exploiting this Indian failing? Can pandering to such  sexually depraved, frustrated, perverted men be overlooked or accepted?

I am sure that in her rather shallow frontal lobe, Sharmila Tagore is able to justify and explain her vapid notions of ‘foreign’  and self ‘superiority’ – and the ‘inferiority’ of this poor, dirty, brown Indian.

Like Sharmila Tagore herself did at one time, I know there are enough and more women who want Indian men to drool over their naked legs. And Indians who will riot and cause mayhem to look at these legs. We are like that only!

Pandering I presume is OK, as per Madama Tagore! (Image courtesy - ndtv.com). Click for larger image.

Pandering I presume is OK, as per Madame Tagore! (Image courtesy – ndtv.com). Click for larger image.

It is called nature, Sharmila-behen.

If you thought Sharmila-behen was bad …

Catching up with the West begins with good manners; not cars, stereos or even blue jeans. Manners are all about how we treat others whom we don’t know personally, and probably never will. If Europe has a head-start of more than a hundred years over us, it is not because they got to commodities first. The advantage they sprung on the rest of the world was in evolving social manners. While we were still aspiring to be good clients to mercurial patrons, they were learning to treat their social others as equals. (read more via Manners make the middle class – The Times of India).

Indian dreams

Dipankar Gupta is in a time warp! No young Indian aspires for stereos and jeans. Not anymore. That was in the 1970s – when you were young Dipankar babu. Those days are gone.

Long gone.

India is home to world’s largest denim manufacturers today. Young India has forgotten what a stereo was. Chinese and Korean mobile phones have replaced stereos. Music is now played through MP3 players – most probably on a mobile phone. Cars are made and exported from India.

Strange reading, this!

But to think that the West has good manners is a serious case of ignorance – and esteem-deficiency. Is it good manners to assault Indian students in Australia? Is it good manners to annihilate the Maoris, the Native Americans. Is it even remotely civil to institutionalize racial segregation?

Push-button dummies! Why waster perfectly good newsprint on such duds! (Cartoon by Rex May; courtesy - http://cartoonistgroup.com.).

Push-button dummies! Why waster perfectly good newsprint on such duds! (Cartoon by Rex May; courtesy – http://cartoonistgroup.com.).

Was it good manners to inflict depredation on the world’s most prosperous people, the Indians. To reduce Indians to a situation of 40 crore beggars – as the Urdu writer, Ibrahim Jalees described. His book, circa 1950s, was called Chaalis Karod Bhikari. Ibrahim Jalees, from the Hyderabadi family that owns and publishes Siasat Urdu newspaper, migrated to Pakistan, leaving his two brothers in India.

The New Chatteratti

Then there is the editorial head of The Hindu, N. Ram.

Going by his reactions, at India’s oldest English newspaper, editorial standards are set, events and happenings are evaluated on the basis of what N. Ram thinks the BBC, Financial Times, New York Times would probably do.

Or like Chetan Bhagat, who believe during the British Raj, nothing like corruption could have existed. They dive deeper.

the United States values wealth, competition, individualism and religion. These are pretty much core to the essence of American society and culture.

However, ask someone to articulate Indian community values, and there won’t be a clear answer. Do we value wealth or education? Do we value democracy where people have a greater say in how they are governed, or do we believe in power in the hands of a select few to whom the laws don’t apply? Do we value honesty, or do we value getting a job done anyhow? Do we believe in frugality, or do we want to show off our wealth? Do we value our local communities, or do we value being part of India?

There are conflicting responses to any of these questions in the India … I call it confusion. Values cannot be unpredictable, they are consistent. The past decade was spent by Indian society in a muddled set of values. A clear set of values … a lack of good values is why scams happen, nepotism exists and the government doesn’t care about its people.

The reason there is no concrete set of Indian values yet is that the concept of India itself is new. Just over six decades ago, there was no India. We had a collection of princely states, with kings and queens, which the British ruled at gunpoint. When the latter left, we loosely stitched these together, cut off a large chunk with partition and labelled the result India. (Read more: Adding values to life – The Times of India; parts excised for brevity).

It all boils down to a belief in ‘character-less Indians’ says Chetan Bhagat. Not surprising, since 6 decades ago there was no India, continues Chetan Bhagat. What country did the British think of when forming East India Co.? Which India did ancients Greeks, Romans Chinese talk about?

It’s not just N.Ram and Chetan Bhagat.

For Pete’s Sake

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Elin Maria Pernilla Nordegren, an Swedish model and the ex-wife of Tiger Woods enacshed on her insecurity. (By Mike Lester, The Rome News-Tribune - 6/30/2010 12.00:00 AM; ©Copyright 2010  Mike Lester.).

Elin Maria Pernilla Nordegren, a Swedish model and the ex-wife of Tiger Woods encashed on her insecurity. (Cartoon By Mike Lester, The Rome News-Tribune - 6/30/2010 12.00:00 AM; ©Copyright 2010 Mike Lester.). Click for larger image.

Iran in Stone Age

On the Islamic side of the world, in Iran, courts reopened a 2005 adultery case of Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani. After the trial, it was decided that Sakineh would be stoned to death for her ‘crime’.

This would have been just another case of Desert Bloc justice, till the French First Lady, Carla Bruni sprang to the ‘defence’ of this ‘victim’. The case become more high profile, after Brazil’s President, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, offered asylum to Sakineh – which Iran rejected.

Iran has reportedly sentenced Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani – the 43-year-old Iranian woman who faces execution after being convicted of adultery – to 99 lashes in prison for “spreading corruption and indecency” after allowing an unveiled picture of herself to be published in a British newspaper.

The claim, which could not be confirmed, comes from her family and a lawyer representing Mohammadi Ashtiani, based on reports from those who have recently left the prison in Tabriz where she has been held for the last four years. (via Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani to be lashed over newspaper photograph | World news | guardian.co.uk).

The "Free' Press had a gala time with a 'free' victim. Cartoon by Joe Heller, Green Bay Press-Gazette - 4/16/2010 12.00.00 AM

The "Free' Press had a gala time with a 'free' victim. Cartoon by Joe Heller, Green Bay Press-Gazette - 4/16/2010 12.00.00 AM. Click for larger image.

On the other side

In the USA, over the last 12 months, we have a modern-day spectacle – The Hounding of Tiger Woods.

His crime?

Tiger Woods had sex with willing women. With a lot of willing women. No pedophilia, no rape or forced sex, no violence.

Just simple sex.

OK. May not be simple sex. Maybe in complicated ‘kamasutra‘ positions, in unusual locations, with varied partners. But does all this, change the issue. Make it  any different.

Guys, he just had sex.

Nothing more than sex. How can consensual sex be a sin, immoral, crime, shameful, and all that baggage of guilt? If there is an injured party, I can only see Tiger. All those willing and able women quite ‘enjoyed’ both the kissing, and the telling. Not to forget the money they made for both the kissing and the telling!

What exactly is it that Tiger Woods did? Cartoon by Mike Smith from the Las Vegas Sun.

What exactly is it that Tiger Woods did? Cartoon by Mike Smith from the Las Vegas Sun.

Mebbe …

Coming from the land of kamasutra, where काम kaam (desire, including sexual) is my right, probably I am under-developed. Maybe these advanced, monotheistic Desert Bloc religions and societies are more advanced than the primitive culture I am from! Maybe, the social system of भारत-तंत्र Bharat-tantra has ‘corrupted’ me.

Who can object

Not Elin Nordegren.

She made US$400 million (or is it US$500 /600 /750 /1000). For her insecurity. That Tiger may abandon her and the children, while he is chasing all these women. A fear that is fair and legitimate. For a mother to two of Tiger’s children.

Not a bad deal. Or is there something more? Am I missing something?

Jesus tried, God knows! (Cartoon By John Cole, The Scranton Times-Tribune - 9/4/2008 12.00.00 AM; cartoon courtesy - politicalcartoons.com.). Click for larger image.

Jesus tried, God knows! (Cartoon By John Cole, The Scranton Times-Tribune - 9/4/2008 12.00.00 AM; cartoon courtesy - politicalcartoons.com.). Click for larger image.

What’s the difference


I really don’t see a difference between Iran’s stoning of Sakineh and the American stoning  of Tiger Woods.

Except that the stones are different. The US and world media has tried to kill Tiger with stones made of words, ill-will and smear, imputations, cans of tar and brushes. All of them, ganged up, against one man. One lonely man.

Just because a married man had sex with a few women!

Now Iran is doing much the same thing as the stoning of Tiger Woods. Only the stones in Iran are different. The Western world has made Desert Bloc ideals of shariat into Liberal-Christian dogma.

Did the world have to hound him for having sex? Cartoon by Christo Komarnitski, Bulgaria - 4/9/2010 12.00.00 AM

Did the world have to hound him for having sex? Cartoon by Christo Komarnitski, Bulgaria - 4/9/2010 12.00.00 AM

Although the West has become ‘educated’, ‘advanced’, ‘developed’, ‘civilized’, rich – they have not given up. Stoning people.

Jesus tried, God knows.

India – The Shashthipoorthi Purana

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60 years of the Indian Republic

On 26, January, 2010, as per Christian calendar, and 11, Shukla Paksh, Magh, 2066, of Vikram Samvat, my family discovered an ancient Sanskrit manuscript – called the  षष्टिपूर्ति पुराण Shasthipoorthi-purana. Buried underground in an earthen pot, we stumbled upon it, as we were readying to hoist the Indian flag on Republic day.

An important day in some parts of India, षष्टिपूर्ति Shasthipoorthi, is celebrated when a man has achieved 60 years of age – and is now considered wise. Coincidentally,  we discovered the षष्टिपूर्ति पुराण Shasthipoorthi-purana manuscript also on the षष्टिपूर्ति Shasthipoorthi year of the Indian Republic!

Sixty years of the Indian Republic!  Any wiser …

Strange tale

I have been studying the षष्टिपूर्ति पुराण Shasthipoorthi-purana manuscript for the last six months. It tells a strange tale – written some 800 years ago, and traces a futuristic eight hundred year war against Asuras. I have been able to easily read the last chapter which I am giving below. Easily, because षष्टिपूर्ति पुराण Shasthipoorthi-purana intriguingly predicts and uses English words – even before these words were invented by the British. All other puranas are about the past – and are not futuristic. But this one …

This last chapter of the षष्टिपूर्ति पुराण Shasthipoorthi-purana tells us about a hundred year battle (1840-1940) and the defeat of the armies of Raktasuras. Interestingly, this 100 year battle coincides with the death of Ranjit Singh (1839) and the escape of Subhash Chandra Bose (January 1941). The Raktasuras, (reminds me of the British) were descendants of two brothers – Yavanasura (Greeks) and Romasura (Romans).

Victory celebrations

As the people of Bharat-varsha celebrated the ‘victory’ over the armies of Raktasura, they did not see how the retreating soldiers from Raktasura were scattering seeds. Of a fast spreading poisonous, desert tree – मरुः विष-वृक्षः. This मायावी mayavi tree, bears sweet tasting, colorful, fragrant fruits. Highly addictive, all the fruits from this desert tree dull the mind, yet make us feel powerful. Also, resentful against those who stop us from eating these fruits.

The mirage of democracy!

The mirage of democracy!

Similar to the mango fruits in appearance, the people of Jambudwipa and Bharat-varsha quickly got addicted to this मायावी mayavi fruit. The people of Bharat-ah appointed gardeners and forest-guards to grow and get a continuous supply these fruits.

The gardens where this मायावी mayavi trees are cultivated, gardeners trained are called Universities, colleges, institutes, research centres, etc. in English.

These मायावी mayavi fruits have deceptive names. As people gorged on these poisonous fruits, they became sick – and wanted more of this fruit.

The purana had some interesting names for these fruits.

The fruits of democracy

One fruit is democracy – which lulls us into a stupor of inaction, while it gives us an illusion of being powerful. Instead of being involved in our societies, localities and communities on a daily basis, it wakes us up once in five years at election time. After five years of stupor and laziness, this fruit makes us talk loudly, rudely.

And we go to sleep again.

The fruit of democracy also corrupts our mind. Instead of focusing on the behavior of  rulers and politicians, it diverts our minds to replace one bad ruler with another. It creates a collusive polity where bad rulers conspire with each other, against us.

This fruit of democracy is a strange poison.

Merchants of poison fruits

Instead of chasing out the vendors of these poisonous fruits from the bazaar, this purana predicts we will become supporters of these vendors. Even fight with each other, predicted this purana. This manuscript got the names of the vendors right, also.

This purana captures the stark choice for the people of Bharat-varsha. A liberalizing Kawngress (Congress?) is better than a globalizing Bhajpaa (BJP!) which is the only hope against the regressive Vaampanthis (Communists).

The Vaampanthis are such a bad choice, who will sell us to the Chinese. Instead, the purana shows a ‘tough choice for the people. Choose Kawngress that will sell us to the Europeans. Better is the Bhajpaa who will get us the best price from the Americans.

Can this deluge of advertiser-pays content be handled?

Can this deluge of advertiser-pays content be handled?

मायावी Mayavi religion

The other मायावी mayavi fruit that they are selling us is the fruit of religion. A ‘secular’ wants the people of Bharat-ah to accept any religion. Bhajpaa, representing the hardline, conservative, rightwing wants the people to choose The One Better religion – Islam, Christianity or Hinduism. The Vaampanthis wants all of us to change our religion – and follow their All New, Godless Religion, dominated by priests, who worship themselves.

The षष्टिपूर्तिShasthipoorthi Purana gives a blunt prediction. People will fight over principles of adharm. Gurus will be made into gods.  This kind of adharm will take the place and in name of dharma. Anti-vedic beliefs will be promoted as Vedic derivations. Yantra (machines), tantra (technology) and mantra (formulae) will become more important than gyaan (‘true’ knowledge), says this Purana.

In India, in the last 60 years

Let us see what has happened in India in the last 60 years.

The 60 years of capacity building, under a socialist blue-print that Nehru proposed, which the Bombay Plan endorsed and the West ‘helped’ India to implement are winding down. The economic reforms of the last 20 years have diluted the excesses of State control.

These excesses are now being replaced by an ‘efficient’ private enterprise. Business is the new glamour sector. TV soaps now lionize Singhanias and Viranis – yesterday’s filmi villains. Meet the new set of Indian oligarchs. Highly feted, internationally acclaimed, these oligarchs are expanding their economic empires by creating ’employment’.

Big fish eat small fish …

These oligarchs ‘outsource’ large parts of their business – much like Japanese supply chains. These small businesses are closely tied to the ‘mother-ship’. These SMEs (small and medium enterprises) will be the first to pay the price of business downturns or reverses. And the last to benefit from any business upticks.

In short, stop dreaming about an entrepreneurial India – the carrot of an ‘efficient’ private sector India that is being dangled in front of us. Instead, the three layers of another extractive economic model are likely to be oligarchs, these buffer SMEs, and employees. Instead of ‘inefficient’ public sector, we will now be ruled by an extractive oligarchy – closely tied to ruling elite.

Bound and gagged

The ruling elite and the oligarchs will in turn ‘help’ India to ‘integrate’ India with global system. Deliver us bound, gagged and powerless to international cartels. Oil, food, retail, entertainment, banking & currency, technology cartels.

He who pays the piper calls the tune ...!

He who pays the piper calls the tune ...!

We, the Consumer, with a capital ‘c’ will get a vast ‘choice’ – like in computers. You can buy Acer, Compaq, Dell, HP, IBM, Toshiba – anything at all. Only one thing – they all run on Windows and Intel architecture.

And to satisfy our hurt of years of gouging, Bill Gates will now dominate charity.

American Mythology

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The Spirit Of The American Constitution

Many political writers, invoke the spirit of the American Constitution – as something that is extinct. This ‘spirit’ has been a matter of conjecture, dispute and speculation – due to subsequent actions.

PT Barnum (The Propaganda Slayer) says

“Truth is, this spirit of the Founding Fathers is a mythical animal,”. He continues, “It never existed. Ever. To all those who claim (or feel) that America today is not what the founding fathers meant it to be, you have two options. Option one – Take a cold shower.”

The expose by PT Barnum (the Patron Saint Of Propagandists) on the American Constitution is given below.

Regrettable Statements

Much before the American Constitution was being put to paper, an American luminary declared,

“I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty, or give me death!”

His name was Patrick Henry. America then went on to give death to the Native Americans and took away the liberty of millions of African-American slave people.

PT Barnum’s take on this – Enslaved ‘Blacks’ and all the ‘Red Indians’, all marked for genocide and slavery, for the glory of the White race – conspired and claimed that Patrick Henry had included them in this declaration.

Patrick Henry should have not have said this.

When Jefferson Dined Alone

All men are created,’ declared Thomas Jefferson. When confronted with the need for a solution for the Black slaves, (who, he considered, as NOT equal to Whites), he suggested that they should be sent back to Africa! Where in Africa could the slaves be sent back to? He suggested that US should create a new colony for them.

The result – Liberia. Another land of the free? Of course, the local population living in the soon-to-be-Liberia, were not consulted. They were unimportant.

Of course, he forgot to add, as long as you are White. The White Gods had decided what was best for the Black people. Benjamin Franklin’s thought that the majority of American Blacks, “are of a plotting disposition, dark, sullen, malicious, revengeful and cruel in the highest degree.”

Thomas Jefferson also made some promises that all people would be allowed “pursuit of happiness” – if I remember correctly. The devil is in the details. Jefferson forgot to mention that this “pursuit of happiness” was a privilege for Whites only.

This principle of “equal in the eyes of law” was another matter of regret for Jefferson later. The US Supreme Court did decide, in the Dredd Scott case that ‘Blacks’ were barred from approaching American Courts.

Jefferson had written,

“Our laws have applied the only antidote to this vice[intolerance], protecting our religions, as they do our civil rights, by putting all on equal footing.”

Yet another problem was the idea of “equal in the eyes of the God.” Women demanded the right to vote. How could women (it did not matter that they were White) be allowed to vote? In another landmark case, the US Supreme Court decided, (Myner v. Happerstett) that being a US citizen did not give women the right to vote. Finally, after more than 100 years of Women’s Suffrage Movement, the right to vote was given to US women in 1924.

Land Of The Free

1798: Criticism of Government, a criminal act?

John Adams made it a crime to criticize the US Government. Fearing a French invasion, the US Congress and President John Adams passed the Alien and Sedition Acts. These gave the US Government sweeping powers to deport any person considered dangerous to the nation’s welfare, to imprison anyone found guilty of criticizing the government. Numerous people were imprisoned.

Book cover Chris Finan for his book, “From the Palmer Raids to the Patriot Act: A History of the Fight for Free Speech in America.” By Christopher M. Finan

Book cover Chris Finan for his book, “From the Palmer Raids to the Patriot Act: A History of the Fight for Free Speech in America.” By Christopher M. Finan

In 1800, Thomas Jefferson made this into a campaign issue – as Whites (his favorite color) were getting affected. After getting elected, Jefferson pardoned all those convicted under these laws. Nearly 200 years later, in 1964, the US Supreme Court found courage to declare these law as unconstitutional.

1861: ‘Honest’ Abe Lincoln jailed thousands, flouted court orders

Lincoln’s face adorns Mount Rushmore. The same President Abraham Lincoln, during the Civil War, suspended habeas corpus (a cornerstone of Western claim to liberty and freedom), allowed the Federal Government to run amok. Southern sympathizers were arrested, without submitting evidence against them or giving them a trial. Hundreds of draft resisters were imprisoned, including newspaper editors, judges, lawyers, and legislators.

An estimated 13,000 people were arrested. Lincoln ignored Chief Justice Roger Taney’s judgment which ruled that the President’s actions were unconstitutional. Lincoln used the might of the State against pro-South newspapers.

1917-18: Under Woodrow Wilson imprisoned Socialist leader for years.

Imprisonment Of Eugene Debs

Distrust reached the zenith during WW1 when American citizens were suspected of being German spies. The US Congress and President Woodrow Wilson approved the Espionage and Sedition Acts. The acts gave the US Government authority to censor foreign language press, restrictions against use of US Mail by antiwar publications. After this if any one did express ‘disloyal’ or antiwar sentiments; they could be imprisoned. Suspects were targeted, using the Espionage Act (1918). In a familiar routine, all dissenters were smeared as Wobblies, legal proceedings instituted against them and imprisoned. John Reed, (writer of Ten Days That Shook The World, about the Bolshevik Revolution), captured these sham trials,reporting from the Chicago court.

An estimated 2,000 people were prosecuted. Eugene V. Debs, a Socialist candidate in the Presidential race, was sentenced to 10 years in prison. Charles Schenck, an author against the draft was also imprisoned. The US Supreme Court, in their long tradition of rubber-stamping many abusive laws, upheld Schenck’s conviction.

Eight US Presidents could not remove J Edar Hoover as head of FBI

Eight US Presidents could not remove J Edar Hoover as head of FBI

Following Woodrow Wilson’s ‘warnings’ against “hyphenated Americans [who] have poured the poison of disloyalty into the very arteries of our national life. Such creatures of passion, disloyalty and anarchy must be crushed out,” the US attorney general unleashed a wave of repression in the land of the free and home of the immigrants. In post-WW1 USA, Attorney General Alexander Mitchell Palmer arrested and detained more than 10,000 people, deported nearly 500, mostly immigrants.

Palmer operated with his soon to become famous assistant – J. Edgar Hoover. A man who no one could touch. From 1919 till his death in 1972. A man, who “never lost his sense of entitlement to bend the rules, either to protect the country or to protect himself.”

Based on his experience in the Justice Department’s Bureau of investigation, Hoover went on to form and head the FBI in 1924 – till his death in 1972. An organisation with “19,401 employees, including 8,586 special agents”. He had a file on everyone in the USA – and outside. He made and unmade people – operating behind the scenes, and in stealth. In the USA. He outlasted 8 US presidents, and ensured that he and his agency were seen as “astonishingly uncontaminated by outside political influence. The number of FBI agents convicted of a crime: none … honest, expert and free from partisan taint.”

1942: 120,000 residents of Japanese Descent Interned

After the Pearl Harbor attack (1941), President Franklin Roosevelt signed an executive order to set up a concentration camp for 120,000 Americans residents of Japanese descent – two-thirds of them, US citizens. Their crime – their Japanese descent. They were released four years later, in 1946 – one year after the surrender of the Japanese forces. Enemy Japanese soldiers were released earlier than US citizens were! The US Supreme Court rubber stamped this decision also.

Roosevelt ordered that ethnic Japanese-American be imprisoned

Roosevelt ordered that ethnic Japanese-American be imprisoned

Some 40 years later, in 1988, the US Congress granted surviving internees $20,000 each. A pro forma official apology from the US government was also conferred on these American citizens.

1949-54: McCarthy era – Communists imprisoned.

During 1950s, American leadership fanned fears of an imminent communist takeover of the world. Eisenhower stoked the fires of anti-communism and proposed the Domino Theory. Sen. Joseph McCarthy led this crusade against ‘communist traitors’. This paranoia led to the prosecution of leaders of the Communist and Socialist Parties under the Smith Act (1940). This law, 10 years after it was written into law books, was used with devastating effect. This act made it a crime to advocate violence against the government. Some individuals were sentenced to prison for studying works of Marx and Lenin. Once more, the US Supreme Court, rubber stamped convictions under this Act.

Most egregious was the McCarthy era. The persecution of dissidents in the world’s largest democracy was no less than in any military regime. Left leaning Hollywood personalities were implicated in fabricated cases and criminal charges foisted on them based on thin (or no) evidence. The Hollywood Ten (Alvah Bessie, Herbert Biberman, Lester Cole, Edward Dmytryk, Ring Lardner Jr., John Howard Lawton, Albert Maltz, Sam Ornitz, Adrian Scott and Dalton Trumbo) were banned by the Hollywood corporations. Under pressure from the Government, Hollywood’s production corporations, blacklisted alleged Communists. Eric Johnston released the Waldorf Statement on behalf of the Hollywood studios.

For many years, after the end of the witch hunt, these Hollywood corporations continued with the blacklist. Popular press targetted all the witnesses who co-operated with the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) Hearings and Senator Joe McCarthy – but not the perpetrators of the witch hunt. Heads of these Hollywood corporations (who could have resisted) and figures of authority like Eisenhower, Truman, McCarthy, J. Edgar Hoover and the various perpetrators went scot-free. Victims, like Elia Kazan, who collaborated, under pressure, were smeared as rats and further persecuted.

1996-2006: New laws – Secret evidence, for those on the death row.

After the Oklahoma city bombing, by Timothy McVeigh, many laws were passed. The infamous Patriot Act is one such specimen on display. Congress passed other counter-terrorism laws limiting habeas corpus. But what takes the cake is the restriction on appeals for death-row inmates. Who can imagine that any law can restrict appeal against a death sentence. Any system of jurisprudence will be very circumspect about passage of such laws. But not in the land of the free.

These laws also allowed discriminatory behaviour by the US Government towards immigrants, suspected of terror activities, to be detained and deported based on ‘secret’ evidence.

Another Tom Tom Dance

The Great American Melting Pot was another music to which American’s did a tom-tom dance. Rightly so. They managed to melt everyone into one WASP profile. No other languages were allowed. For 200 years (nearly), Catholics (Red, White or you) could not become President in the land of the free. It took a rich Catholic man (never mind how the Kennedy clan got their money) to become the first non-WASP president. Till such time, that the Italians maintained their identity, they were kept at the fringe of American society. We are not even started on the Blacks and the Native Americans.

Americans were not allowed to learn or teach non-English languages for the best part of 200 years. All other language groups had to become American by giving up their own languages – and adopt the language of the land of the free.

By 1923, thirty-four states had laws that declared English the language of school instruction.  Since then, most states have enacted laws that require the use of English in specific situations, such as in testing for occupational licenses.

During the 1980s, resurgent xenophobia, directed this time toward Latino/a and Asian immigrants, revived interest in and support for comprehensive English language laws.  Organizations, such as U.S. English, formed to urge states and Congress to enact Official English and English-Only laws that encompass all aspects of government. (from Impact of English Language Movement on Consumer Protection Regulation By Steven W.  Bender Excerpted from Consumer Protection for Latinos: Overcoming Language Fraud and English-Only in the Marketplace, 45 American. University Law Review – 1027-348, 1047-1054 (1996).)

Various US state governments outlawed all languages – except English. It was only in 1923, was this was finally set aside after the matter reached the US Supreme Court (read Meyer vs Nebraska). The USA gathered some courage to start timidly with more than English only after seeing India’s success with 15 languages.

Look Again

Look Again

America created the Monroe doctrine – supposedly an anti-colonial doctrine. But they anyway went ahead and ‘bought’ Philippines and Puerto Rico – also Cuba. The Cubans refused to honour this ‘purchase’ – for which the USA has waged a war against Cuba for the last 100 years.

The USA also conspired to remove the Queen Of Hawaii – for which the US has now apologized, yet again. Of course, I am not an expert on the American Constitution! Was this allowed under the American Constitution? I mean, the apology!!

The new glory of the US Constitution that the Americans now espouse is the establishment of the Federal Reserve. Some claim that the Federal Reserve was not a part of the original constitution.

After the Propaganda Slayer, PT Barnum pointed these aspects of Great American History, I am lost. Completely.

Can someone tell me what was there in the original American Constitution? Equality! Freedom! The Rule of Law?!

Manmohan At ‘The High Table In The Comity Of Nations’

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Manmohan Singh Hankering For A Place On The High Table

Manmohan Singh Hankering For A Place On The High Table

At The High Table

In 2006, Bush promised India a place at ‘the high table’. A conference paper noted that “In India, the shift in diplomatic strategy necessitated by the opportunity to sit at the high table, because of the nuclear deal, and participate in nonproliferation, as well as become a member of the nonproliferation system, appears stalled owing to apparent timidity or the persistence of yesterday’s thinking”.

Fareed Zakaria writes about how some (!) countries want a place at the high table. Sitaram Yechury, CPIM, of course, thinks the deal will no such thing as enable India to sit on the high table. President Sarkozy and Tony Blair have been leading India by the nose, proclaiming that India should get a place at the high table. India’s quest for a seat at the high table in the global comity of nations, puts India in a position of being patronized. A senior American official condescendingly says that the US wants to be “helpful” to India as it “emerges as a world power”.

The Comity Of Nations

And Manmohan Singh keeps getting his kicks at the thought of sitting at “the global comity of nations“. His comment after winning the trust vote was, “India is prepared to take its rightful place in the comity of nations.” A year earlier, he wrote in a newspaper, how India has “earned … a special place in the comity of nations.” And in 2005, Manmohan Singh promised landless farmers, that India “in the next 10 years … earn its rightful place in the comity of nations”. But before that, in February 2005, he had informed at the India Today Conclave in New Delhi, how India must recover its “lost space in the global economy and our economic status in the comity of nations”. (ellipsis mine).

On July 29, 2005, after his US visit, it was reported that Manmohan Singh could not inform the Indian Parliament exactly how “tall in the comity of nations” India was standing. He decided that the focus in 2005 will be on making India taking its rightful place in the comity of nations.” In 2006 again, he reminded all Indians “to claim our rightful place in the comity of nations”. But he started this story way back in 1995-96 budget when he announced that he planned to “raise India to her rightful place in the comity of nations”

Wish Manmohan Could Talk Like This

Wish Manmohan Could Talk Like This

Manmohan Kyon Darta Hai

Manmohan Singh was reportedly hesistant to travel for the G8 summit without a nuclear deal go ahead. With what face will India’s Prime Minister engage the G8 leaders, occupied the Government’s attention?

Manmohan’s fears were captured by Prem Shankar Jha, a journalist from New Delhi’s main newspaper, The Hindustan Times. “India‘s retreat from the agreement bordered on disaster. “It may not be the end of the world,” he wrote, “but it will be a very long time before we are invited to the High Table again.”

Sonia’s Sets The Precedent

This is much like Sonia Gandhi’s Belgian medal. Her reluctance to give up that tainted piece of metal was sad – as is Manmohan Singh’s hankering to “sit at the high table” and to join “the comity of nations”. This ‘comity of nations’ and ‘the high table’ are verbal markers for rich nations – especially the West.

Craven Desire For Approval

What about the West attracts you, Mr.Singh? What makes you so eager (if not desperate) to join them and sit with them? What is the legacy of the West? What about the West can we copy? This hankering for Western approval does not behove you, Shrimaan Singh! India will get its place in the sun – without these doomed slave societies.

Whose Agenda Is This

Who exactly, Mr.Singh gave you the idea that it was your job to make “place for India at the high table in the comity of nations?”

The Indian Voter didn’t.

The ‘aam aadmi’ didn’t. There was no mention of ‘India at the high table in the global comity of nations’ in the Congress manifesto – or in the Common Minimum Programme. In fact, when the BJP promised ‘India Shining’ to the Indian Voter, he clearly rejected them. Are you marching to the BJP’s tune? Or are you sneaking in your personal agenda to rub shoulders “at the high table in the comity of nations that is driving you.” Mr.Singh, do you realize that this is a fraud.

Look At Who Is Sitting At The High Table Mr.Singh

Look At Who Is Sitting At The High Table Mr.Singh

With Or Without The West

For 60 years, India has managed, in spite of the West. India‘s defense production, its nuclear program or its space program and its India‘s software success are homegrown. As are its successes in industry, stockmarkets, education, films and television programming, its democracy and the rise of its middle class. In the nuclear industry, India’s thorium approach to nuclear energy design will possibly open new realms in nuclear arena. At various times, when India has been stuck, it has been the West that has pushed India further into a corner. Even in matters of foodgrain, when India was a user of PL-480 grain. Or for instance, the Kaveri jet engine or the cryogenic engines.

Look Ma, Who Is Sitting At The Table

George Orwell’s Animal Farm describes another high table – when the Pigs sat down to eat with the human beings.

A week later, in the afternoon, a number of dogcarts drove up to the farm. A deputation of neighbouring farmers had been invited to make a tour of inspection. … What could be happening in there, now that for the first time animals and human beings were meeting on terms of equality? … There, round the long table, sat half a dozen farmers and half a dozen of the more eminent pigs … Twelve voices were shouting in anger, and they were all alike. No question, now, what had happened to the faces of the pigs. The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which. (ellipsis mine).

Shrimaan Singhsaheb – Does India need a seat at this high table; a table where the other seats are taken by countries who have brought humanity “under the heel by means that will not bear scrutiny“. Do we need to sanctify the power gained by these slave masters? Does the wealth gained by loot and prosperity by labor seem equal to you? Does wealth gained by fraudulent practices ennoble the wealthy?

Post Script

One week after this post, Arvind Panagariya, a professor from Columbia University and a Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institute, wrote how the emerging giant can accomplish something the diminishing giant couldn’t!.” Both, Manmohan Singh and Arvind Panagariya seem to be infected with this strain of imported virus. The main symptom of this infection is this overwhelming desire for Western approval. At least, the professor admits to the reality of the ‘diminishing giant’, though, he seems to equate a giant of brute force with a moral one.

Another well known corporate executive, R. Gopalkrishnan, is afflicted by this same ‘comity of nations’ infection. On 15th August, 2008, in an article in Economic Times, he paid obeisance, by quoting JRD Tata who once said, “I do not want India to be an economic super-power . I want India to be happy.” By the end of the article, he reverted back to his usual self. He intones, “Over the coming decades, India has the real chance of reclaiming its place at the top table in the League of Nations, a position she held for centuries but lost in the last few hundred years.”

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