Sonia Return That Metal (Oops … medal)

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What Should Sonia Gandhi Do

Sonia Gandhi should return the Order Of Leopold Medal. If she is an Indian. If she respects India and its values. Values that her mother-in-law, her grand-father-in-law and her Nehru-Gandhi family stood for and gave their lives for.

What Does That Medal Mean

That medal, Sonia, smells! It smells of blood. Of decaying flesh. I am sure you don’t wantIs This Rather Dubious Medal such a smelly piece of metal. I am sure the moment you reject this piece of trash, 10 better medals will come your way. Medals which are worth more and will mean something better. With the medal will come, the clamoring spirits and ghosts of 1 crore murdered Congolese who will haunt you.

Give up that medal, Sonia. Just like you gave up the Prime Ministerial position.

It will prove that you are like your mother in law. She gave it all up by calling for election in 1977. And yet , 3 years later, she won it all back. She was a brave lady. She could have been prejudiced against the Sikhs. But, her need to trust was greater than the importance of her security. She could have been blind to the Bangladesh problem. It took courage and steel to take on an ally of the US. She could have (but did not) cosied up to the USA like the SEATO and CENTO nations did – and paying a price for that now.

The History Of King Leopold-II

“Dr.Livingstone, I presume!” and that is how Henry Stanley made his name and the life of Congolese miserable. Based on this incident, he was given a contract by King Leopold-II to establish “trading posts along the Congo River. In time, like with other colonial possessions, with a mix of fraud, guile, deceit, force, massacre and other such ‘civilised’ by ‘Christian’ civilisers, Congo was also made into a colony. By King Leopold-II of Belgium, in his personal capacity.

King Leopold King Leopold (current king’s predecessor 3 times away) was murderer. Plain and simple.

You see what happened was that in 1871, King Leopold decided that he needed to get respect. So he called for the Brussels Conference.  His colleague, Otto Von Bismarck, of Germany got into the act and called for the Berlin conference.Plans were hatched and agreements signed.

Based on Dr.Livingstone’s propaganda, it was decided there that Europe will directly enslave the Africans – instead of the the Arabs. At that time 90%of Africa was was free. In the next 20 years, 90% of Africa was colonialised.

King Leopold’s personally owned the Belgian Congo territory. His personal army-men and his personal agents killed more than 1 crore people. When hardly any Congolese were left, he sold Belgian Congo to his own country for GBP3.8 million. His greed and the Belgian attempts to white wash those dark deeds is what you are becoming party to.

The Election Commission Notice

The Election Commission and its notice are another issue – which I am not commenting on or worried about. TN Seshan gave the Election Commission real fangs and they can make life difficult. But the Congolese are a different matter. Yesterday it was the Congolese. Who will it be tomorrow? What can one say about tomorrow? But the greed and inhumanity of the European colonialists is something we can be sure of.

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