Global media investigation: 612 Indian firms in tax havens – Indian Express

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Only 612 Indian names, mostly businessmen, in the 1.2 lakh names. This vindicates 2ndlook reading on corruption in India.

For at least 5 years, it has been 2ndlook position that corruption in India is a small problem. All those stories about trillions in Swiss accounts, turned out to be just hot air. Based on 2ndlook at some economic and business realities it was clear that these corruption-in-India claims were just plain flibbertigibbet.

Arvind Kejriwal, Anna-bhau take that. Eat crow now.

Now we have data.

Indians businessmen are a small part of this offshore mechanism. This data is broadly in line with the trend. For India, which is a Top-5 economy, to have so few people in the list proves two things.

One: Indian take on corruption is round-tripped back into India.

Two: Indians generally lack faith in these corporate structures – and would rather hand over money to their CAs, who will handle this for free.

Typically, specialist Indian CAs handle this money on a simple understanding. Only the principal will be returned – and actual investments at the instruction of the beneficiary, if any, will come back to the beneficiary. Otherwise all risks and benefits from the deployment of these funds will be the CAs take.

Three: Indians understand money much better – and can handle it themselves instead of saand-ka-tel (snake-oil) MNC salesmen.

In the next few days we will read and hear more. But on thing is clear. Indian Express will not be able to suppress it – as the same data can be released by other media houses in the rest of the world.

I presume in the next 2-3 months, this data will be publicly available – and data-scraping software will be used by others.

Here is the initial story.

In the biggest global expose of its kind on offshore investments and secret financial transactions, an international group of investigative journalists has found details of more than 1.2 lakh offshore entities and trusts belonging to individuals and companies in more than 170 countries and territories, including India.

These individuals and companies include politicians, the mega rich and tax offenders, among others, who have invested in tax havens such as the British Virgin Islands, the Cook Islands, Samoa and other offshore hideaways.

The 612 Indians in this list include two members of Parliament — Lok Sabha Congress MP Vivekanand Gaddam and RS member Vijay Mallya — and several industrialists such as Ravikant Ruia, Samir Modi, Chetan Burman, Abhey Kumar Oswal, Rahul Mammen Mappillai, Teja Raju, Saurabh Mittal and Vinod Doshi.

The list also includes businessmen who have had a brush with authorities such as the Income-Tax department and the CBI. Several of the offshore investments were made in possible violation of RBI and FEMA rules.

Details of these transactions were contained in 2.5 million secret files and accounted for more than 260 gigabytes of data. They were obtained by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) and their total size is more than 160 times larger than the leak of the US State Department documents by Wikileaks in 2010.

Based in Washington DC, ICIJ (www.icij.org) is an independent network of reporters who work together on cross-border investigations. ICIJ collaborated with 38 media organisations around the world, including the The Indian Express, for this ambitious global project and to analyse the documents. The other media partners include The Washington Post in the US, The Guardian and BBC in Britain, Le Monde in France and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

The 15-month long investigation has found that alongside perfectly legal transactions, the secrecy and lax oversight offered by the offshore world allows fraud, tax dodging and political corruption to thrive. The expose has also thrown light on the functioning of “nominee directors” in offshore companies, several of whom have also been engaged by Indian patrons of offshore companies.

For instance, a cluster of 28 “sham directors” have been identified as having served as the on-paper representatives of more than 21,000 companies between them, with some individual directors representing as many as 4,000 companies each. The expose comes shortly after a list of 18 Indians who had bank accounts in the LGT Liechtenstein Bank and around 700 Indians who had accounts in HSBC in Geneva became public. In both cases, account holders were prosecuted and paid penalties to Income-Tax authorities for deposits they had made abroad without paying taxes in India.

via Global media investigation finds 612 Indian firms in tax havens – Indian Express.

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Bharattantra Break Out: Julian Assange is a Sign

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Even as Julian Assange was working on his break-out, there were signs. Take this, Captain Ahab.

Julian Assange follows भारत-तंत्र Bharattantra.

It is a secret that even Wikileaks has not revealed. On his Julian Assange Show, while moderating a recent discussion, between competing Desert Bloc ideas, Assange consistently used भारत-तंत्र Bharattantra refutations.

This interesting discussion featured a communist-turned-conservative, David Horowitz and a communist-dissident-turned-Leftist, Slavoj Zizek (pronounced स्लावोए झिझेँक). (video embedded below).

Right-Wing-Horowitz, at an exquisite moment in the discussion, said,

David Horowitz: People are the problem, They are greedy. (hands waving for emphasis) They lie. They are deceitful, they manipulate. You know they are ego-centric. (nearly spitting in hate.).

We understand that. And people in Government are the just the same dangerous people with more power. So that’s why we have the checks and balances. And I am all for more scrutiny, and this and that. (Texts in italics supplied; Between: 9:08-09:38).

Adam and Eve were born in sin. Every human being is sinful. Human beings are dumb.

Indian thought however, keeps repeating how it takes 8.4 million stages of evolution (or species) before a man is born. Human life is precious. Find moksh, nirvana. Find freedom. Like four purusharth, of भारत-तंत्र Bharattantra.

They must follow the One God that is Allah and worship his one true messenger, Prophet Mohammed. भारत-तंत्र Bharattantra always portrayed one-man religions as Asuric – Prahlad and Hiranyakshipu.

Now see, how Julian Assange rebuts Right-Wing-Horowitz .

Julian Assange: David, the striving for towards utopia the striving for towards better position. Even if that position is liberty, it is more liberty. That is a striving, a direction that people wish to have.

That’s they can measure contemporary events by the direction of their hopes and ideals. Have we now abandoned that to religion, because, religion there is waiting in the gaps. Let’s just say that it is utopian vision. (Between: 15:00-15:30).

Julian, Desert Bloc never had liberty. They had ya fooled.

Having earlier laid the basis for concentration of power (man is evil), Right-Wing-Horowitz plays another ace. The Dissident-to-Communist Zizek fumbles and has no answer.

Look at how Julian Assange answers.

David Horowitz: War is the natural condition of mankind. There has always been wars, right? From the beginning. Ok and many of them. Peace occurs only when there is concert of powers or a single power that can intimidate would be aggressors. Now I ask you? Who would you like that power to be other than the United States? (triumphant).


Slavoj Zizek: I don’t know, but United States is no longer even the candidate for me.

David Horowitz: And the United States can … Well, that’s why we are facing such catastrophe. But you are contributing it by encouraging Leftists.

Julian Assange: Isn’t the way to keep the State accountable is to have a free market in States

Slavoj Zizek: You mean different political options

Julian Assange: Different political options … and then people who don’t like the conditions in one State can move to another State. They can move their businesses, they can move their assets they can move their families. (Between: 17:20-18:20).

Right-Wing-Horowitz is right. For the Desert Bloc, war is a natural condition.

Coming to भारत-तंत्र Bharattantra.

Now what Julian Assange is saying is exactly what Buddha meant. Have competing small kingdoms. Have many kings. When a bad king is replaced, by another, let non-violence or ahimsa be paramo-dharma. Which is why India does not feature on any major massacre list.

So this is what Buddha meant when he said have no attachments. Live lean and clean. That is how you can achieve moksh – liberty. If the misrule gets beyond you, just get up and go.

Keep all your wealth in gold. Now, see, what Kabir says 3000 years later.

चाह गई चिंता मिटी, मनुआ बेपरवाह। जिनको कछू न चाहिए, सोई साहंसाह॥

(Attachments gone, anxiety vanishes and the burden of responsibilities, lightens. To someone who does not need this and that, he is the Emperor).

For भारत-तंत्र Bharattantrato to become a credible option, a few Desert Bloc ‘concepts’ will need to be smashed. Julian Assange has done that – very well.

To many, भारत-तंत्र Bharattantra means ‘going back.’ Unfortunately, the world has never seen a ‘backward’ movement. Movement can only be forward – and each step towards भारत-तंत्र Bharattantra can only be based on context.

Take a breath. Go Julian.

You are the Whale of Hindu classical texts that will land us safely, while dharma is submerged and deep underwater.

Hopefully, Ecuador will be where you will come up for breath.

And this time too, Ahab will die trying, to kill this Moby Dick.

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