And forgive us for our ignorant protests

Posted in British Raj, India, Media, politics, Satire by Anuraag Sanghi on December 12, 2011

Markandey Katju is a reall bull in real china-shop - breaking down valuable stuff based on his imagined nightmares. | Artist: Sudhir Tailang, The Asian Age, November 2 2011; courtesy - http://searchingforlaugh.blogspot.com | Click for source image.

Markandey Katju is a reall bull in real china-shop - breaking down valuable stuff based on his imagined nightmares. | Artist: Sudhir Tailang, The Asian Age, November 2 2011; courtesy - http://searchingforlaugh.blogspot.com | Click for source image.

Dim wits like us

All those who disagree or doubt with Markandey Katju and his wisdom are backward people with dim understanding of Katju-saheb’s vision.

For instance, Katju-saheb wisely informs us that modern societies are the only ‘scientific’ societies. All traditional or ancient societies were either superstitious, backward – or lucky.

Like India.

One of Mr.Katju’s pearls of wisdom starts with ‘for industrialization, science is necessary’. And India does not have either any science nor industry! But my deficient understanding could not fathom, Shri Katju-saheb, how traditional India became the largest producer of gunpowder ingredients (till 1900), without science or industry?

Must have been luck.

Is there a God Of Luck?

Of course, Indians were plain lucky to build the best ships that British Navy could buy? Katju-saheb reminds us that we must be grateful to God(s) with whose kindness to Indians made cupro-nickel alloys at Mohenjodaro and Lothal – plus cupre-nickel coins later in the Takshashila region. Plus refined Zinc.

Thousands of years before the Western science and industry could. Gods have been kind to us Indians.

In modern times, instead of God, we must be grateful to the British (and the West) for civilizing, enlightening and improving the lot of us backward Indians.

There is an age-old advice, that applies in this case, “If people think you are a fool, don’t open your mouth and prove it.’ We backward Indians instead of learning science, that Mr.Katju-saheb suggests, waste time in protests.

The automotive engineering world is plain silly talking of India’s ‘frugal engineering’.

Why can we not appreciate ‘royal’ children?

Katju-saheb’s ideas of what I must read or write are right for me – and us backward Indians.

It is more important for us backward Indians to know more about Rajiv Nehru-Gandhi children than about Bachchan’s children. Katju-saheb has decided that it is ‘modern’ and ‘scientific’.

Katju-Saheb’s contempt for the those who are not State-schooled or educated is very topical – breath taking. Shri Katju-saheb seems to think that he (or some nominee of the State) has a right to force the media into joining the State in educating Indians – which backward people like Indians is brainwashing.

The State does not want have anyone outside the reach of its ideological regimentation.

In my small little mind

Though I must admit, a difficult question comes into my mind. If India is not a facing the problem of an aging population, that the West and Japan has no solution for, it is because of unschooled and unlettered Indians. India is not a demographic disaster zone, due to the healthy contempt that these unschooled and unlettered Indians have, for such anti-family population control policies of the Indian State.

I wonder what the august Shri Katju-saheb has to say to this thought from my backward mind.

Katju is in the vanguard of this ‘progress’.

But then I am not surprised

Mr.Katju is from the sort that wants ‘respect in world community’. So, Mr.Katju wants to impose all such ideas and policies and ideas on Indians that will get him ‘respect in world community’. Since, when has it become a part of State agenda that India’s policies will be dictated by the objective of ‘respect in world community’.

But can Mr.Katju be wrong about ‘pluralism, tolerance, individual freedom, and free flow of information’.

On pluralism and democracy, maybe Shri-Katju-saheb should talk to Catholics in USA, the world’s oldest Republican democracy – suggested another small Indian mind. Why has there been only one Catholic President in US history – who was assassinated before completing his term? We will not talk of impossible ideas like a woman President of the US.

But surely Muslim women banned from wearing hijab, in France can talk to Shri Katju-saheb about tolerance and democracy. On individual freedom, Katju-Saheb can check out in the citadel of individual freedom and democracy, Europe. All the Roma Gypsies in Europe will surely give a ringing endorsement of individual freedom and democracy in Europe. On ‘free flow of information’ who better to talk than Julian Assange.

I must admit

People like me, who know very little about ‘progress’, ‘development’ are the problem in this country of India – unlike Shri.Katju-saheb.

Backward people like me, cannot appreciate that Shri Katju-saheb has a noble idea of ‘spreading scientific ideas amongst the vast masses and raising their cultural level’ – and therefore wants to control media.

Can any one doubt Mr.Katju?

Is he not a ‘strong votary of liberty and have been misunderstood.’ He is against astrology. After all, who can deny that complex mathematical calculations of 27 nakshatras, 9 planets, sun and moon, multiple constellations are all superstition? How can we equate statistics with science?

I am now convinced

Mr.Katju is not the problem. Anyway, media cannot be the problem. Both Shri Katju-saheb and media are right.

We the backward people of this under-developed country are the problem. Lead us, O Great Shri Katju, the kicking and screaming backward masses to ‘progress’ and ‘development’.

And deliver us from our actors and actresses.

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  1. kp said, on December 12, 2011 at 6:28 pm

    childish and misrepresenting

    • Anuraag Sanghi said, on December 13, 2011 at 5:41 am
      Interesting feedback. Why not contribute an adult and representative picture of the debate.
  2. senthil said, on December 13, 2011 at 3:44 am

    Excellent post anurag.. it is unfortunate that people like katju, is sitting on one of the powerful posts in the indian ruling setup.. with such contempt for ordinary indians, how do we believe, his judgements are genuine?

    science had replaced religion, in becoming the most intolerant entity.. scientific books, the new bibles, and anything against it is infidel.. I call it as scientific infidels..

    We are all scientific infidels, and we are all to be persecuted by these scientific priests..

  3. Naras said, on December 13, 2011 at 8:42 am

    These eminent intellectuals (Katju, Amartya Sen, R. Guha, Bhaichand Patel etc) are the curse of Independent India. Basically cultural Nehruvians, they seem impressively intellectual and have political and cultural weight, but are actually quite shallow in their understanding. They relentlessly brainwash others into thinking in Euro-centric paradigms. One cannot imagine a Bharat-Tantra like idea from the likes of them. That is why I am thankful that your blog exists.

    I wonder if you could start writing books with the Indic ideas and themes that you have. Guha has prospered because he does the kind of research that you do for your blog posts. I’d also like you to link up with people like Kalchiron, Prekshaa, Bharatendu, Koenraad Elst, Francois Gautier, Rajiv Malhotra and Manasataramgini. No matter what other ideological differences are there, you need to go viral with ideological counter-memes to battle the dominant Macaulay/Nehru spirit in our public intellectual life. Think-tanks are needed.

  4. dharmach said, on December 14, 2011 at 10:10 am

    Science has helped man in the game of survival but living in harmony and happiness is a separate issue. No society was borne scientific, nor any one is completely “scientific”. Those who think that Europe was born scientific should study some European history. Science is not the solution to all the problems, however scientific growth is available to any society willing to work hard. There was no one “European” culture per se. Who progressed in science learned from everyone – India, China, Arab, Greek. This attitude is scientific and all societies should be open to learn from others.

    Those in awe of Europe’s “civilized” society should remember about superior morality of a fox with filled stomach (Read what happened in Americas, Africa, Australia and elsewhere when stomach was empty).

    • Anuraag Sanghi said, on December 21, 2011 at 3:38 am

      Those in awe of Europe’s “civilized” society should remember about superior morality of a fox with filled stomach (Read what happened in Americas, Africa, Australia and elsewhere when stomach was empty).

      This observation is very relevant.

      Post-Colonial Britain’s loss became inspiration for people like the anguished Dylan Thomas, egging Britain with his poem, Do Not Go Gentle (1952) even as John Osborne railed with his Look Back in Anger (1956).

      The collapse of post-colonial Spain into civil war, dictatorship, supports your above statement.

      This aspect on Asuric behaviour is well brought out in Hitopdesha from the story of

      The cunning Jackal reciting the famous shloka of vasudhaiva kuTumbakam dwelling with the naive Deer, and as soon as the opportunity arose, pushed him into a deadly trap. However before he could kill the Deer, our wise hero subuddhi the Crow devised a clever trick by which not only the Deer was rescued but also the vasudhaiva kuTumbakam -reciting Jackal was slain.

      via Page 2 | The Hoax Called Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam – 1: Hitopadesha | bhAratendu | Sourced.

  5. admin said, on January 18, 2012 at 3:16 am


  6. masculineffort said, on February 24, 2014 at 2:40 pm

    Actually, the Lord Buddha was also against Astrology. He believed astrologers were practicing wrong livelihood. So cut Katju a little slack will you. You’re too sensitive, mate. Some of what he wrote is quite funny. What you wrote is funny as well. Nice to see two sides to this issue. But look, there is a kernel of truth in his story. Self criticism is not so bad. Sometimes, criticism is also indulged in by sincere people who feel helpless and vent in this way. It does not behoove you to get worked up over this. Just be optimistic and keep working.

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